Very Rev. Canon Teodor Suau Puig

Position: Dean, administrator and director of the residence

Born: 06/06/1947 - Palma

Ordained: 13/06/1971

Assumption of office: 23/12/2002

  Rev. Lluc Riera Coll

Position: Treasurer of the brotherhood of Saint Peter and Saint Bernard

Born: 23/03/1948 - Palma

Ordained: 28/05/1972

Assumption of office: 31/01/2014

  Rev. Francesc Ramis Darder

Position: Vice-dean, vice-administrator, secretary, canon responsible for the Department of Evangelisation and director of evangelisation

Born: 06/01/1958 - Palma

Ordained: 27/09/1987

Assumption of office: 28/10/2014

  Rev. Antoni Vera Díaz


Born: 25/08/1957 - Palma

Ordained: 21/06/1987

Assumption of office: 27/10/2018

  Rev. Ramón Lladó Rotger

Position: Canon penitentiary

Born: 11/05/1954 - Sóller

Ordained: 16/05/1981

Assumption of office: 27/10/2018

  Rev. Antoni Riutort Fullana

Position: Canon in charge of Pastoral

Born: 09/01/1950 - Son Carrió

Ordained: 31/03/1979

Assumption of office: 27/10/2018

  Rev. Mateu Jesús Tous Vanrell

Position: Canon in charge of the Department of Culture

Born: 08/01/1959 - Palma

Ordained: 19/06/1993

Assumption of office: 03/07/2019

  Rev. Pere Nicolau Oliver Vives

Position: Precentor for liturgy and music

Born: 05/07/1968 - Deià

Ordained: 08/01/1995

Assumption of office: 03/07/2019

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