Organisational chart

On 4 November 2017, the Chapter agreed, as a general aim for this four-year period, to give the Cathedral a new internal organisational model, based on its dual role of evangelisation and historical transmission of Christian cultural values..

With this aim, in February 2019, a specialist company was entrusted with analysing the management of the Cathedral in order to give the Chapter the objective data necessary to achieve this objective.

The results dof this analysis can be summarised as follows :

1.- The Chapter is the sole institutional body that manages the running of the Cathedral, and it delegates the operational and representative duties to the Dean President.

2.- A new organisational chart, , meeting the needs of the Cathedral’s role as a Catholic church dedicated to celebrating the Faith and to Evangelisation and, at the same time, as a vehicle for social transmission of Christian culture through its architectural heritage, which has been protected since 1931 as an Asset of Cultural interest. The functional centre of the new organisational chart therefore comprises two departments: the Department of Evangelisation, Celebration and Faith and the Department of Culture, Heritage, Museums and Archive, the cultural and historical expression of the Faith. These departments include different areas, with canons responsible for each one, as stated in the Chapter charter.

3.- Antoni Ximenis Palmer, the Prefect of the Cathedral Sacristy will coordinate the technical management of the Department of Evangelisation, Celebration and Faith. And Dr Mercè Gambús Saiz (PhD in History of Art, degree in Law, lecturer in history of art at the University of the Balearic Islands and lead researcher in that university’s Research Group for the Preservation of Artistic and Religious Heritage) will be the scientific-technical coordinator of the Department of Culture, Heritage, Museums and Archive..

4.- In order to make the coordination, monitoring and management of the Cathedral in its specific functions (Faith - Cultural transmission - Administration of material assets) more efficient, two technical directorates have been created: the Administrative Technical Directorate, which the Chapter has entrusted to Joan Pastor Nieto (Degree in Management and Security and Master’s in Security) and the Financial-Economic Directorate, which is headed by Rafel Mesquida Oliver (Diploma in Tourism and Postgraduate degree in Accountancy and Financial Management).

Organisational chart


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