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The Arxiu Capitular de Mallorca (ACM) is the Archive of the Cathedral of Majorca. Its mission is to assemble, preserve, catalogue and showcase the documented and bibliographical heritage that the Cathedral of Majorca has built up from its founding (in the 13TH century) down to the present day. It also meanwhile preserves document holdings and collections donated by individuals and organisations.

The ACM is based in the Alms House (Casa de l’Almoina), and is a privately owned archive open to the public free of charge.

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Opening hours: tuesday to thursday, from 10h to 14h

Access conditions are set out in detail in the Regulations.

  • Plaça la Seu, 07001 Palma
  • Telephone 971 713 133 Ext. 417
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The ACM (Archive of the Cathedral of Majorca) has the task of collating, cataloguing and disseminating the documents and bibliographical heritage of Majorca Cathedral. In order to perform this role, it offers the following services:


The main purpose of the archive is to catalogue documentation, whatever its format, so that users can consult it in the reading room. Nonetheless, in accordance with the condition and value of the documents, thanks to recent digitisation procedures some originals can be held back from consultation, while allowing researchers to access the files in the corresponding digital version available via the computers in the reading room, as likewise in the case of all those more recent documents which have digital originals.


Aside from making documentation available to society at large, the ACM also provides all the departments and services of Majorca Cathedral, –in particular the Culture Department, with access to the bibliographical and document sources in its safekeeping. As well as assisting in document management, it cooperates with the Heritage Department in aspects of document conservation and consultation, and with the Cultural Administration Department to showcase documents through publications, exhibitions, visits, etc.


The aim of preventive digitisation is to improve the conservation of the original documents, in particular those subject to restricted access because of their condition or value, so that they can continue to be made available to users. Meanwhile, digital reproduction also facilitates remote consultation of documents requested by researchers who are unable to travel to the archive premises.


The ACM has signed work experience agreements with a number of different institutions (universities, schools, conservatory, etc.) to allow their students to discover at first hand the tasks performed at the archive, so as to extend their training in the field of archive management. It also offers courses focused on ecclesiastical archives, palaeography, digitisation, digital preservation, etc., and visits by interested groups, both academic and otherwise.


The ACM aims to showcase the holdings in its safekeeping, a function fulfilled through cooperation with the Majorca Cathedral Culture Department and the current bibliographical compilation. It is currently working not only to gather together Majorca Cathedral publications and the most recent editions connected with the Cathedral, but also to provide a description of the various notable documents held in the archive.


Ever since it was first founded, the archive has stored the sacramental records and is likewise responsible for issuing sacramental certificates. These certificates, above all to record christenings, are essential in order to receive other sacraments, such as first communion and marriage, and can also be used as proof for citizenship applications.


The ACM preserves the documentation generated by the Cathedral of Majorca since it was founded, alongside all the document holdings and collections donated by individuals and organisations. For conservation reasons, some of old documentation can only be consulted in the digital format. To access to the Descriptive instruments, go to Consulta from the Catalan version.


To assist those with an interest in genealogical research, the Cathedral indexes of baptisms, marriages and deaths have been digitised.

It is important to bear in mind that these sacramental records correspond only to the Cathedral. To consult baptisms, marriages or deaths from any other parish, users should contact the Diocesan Archive of Majorca.


  • Access is provided via a PDF file containing complete images of the paper copy of the index book.
  • This does not provide access to a database or an electronic transcription, but simply the photographs of the handwritten index.
  • Each of the dropdowns for baptisms, marriages and deaths contains a table with 3 columns corresponding to the volume number, the years that the book contains, and the call mark.
  • The link for each book (in the volume column) can be used to download the PDF index.
  • The indexes of baptism volumes 1, 10 and 12 and marriage volume 1 are transcribed in electronic format. This means that searches are possible.
  • The search should be performed using the lineage of the individual in question. In the case of marriages, indexing is normally performed by the lineage of the two spouses, but on occasion only that of the husband.
  • The PDF viewer bookmarks tab provides a shortcut to the letters in alphabetical order, just as in a physical book.

To request the corresponding records, you should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details:

  • Call mark
  • Volume number
  • Page
  • Name and lineages of the person in question
  • Year of birth/marriage/

Sacramental certificates

Sacramental certificates include both baptism and marriage.

To obtain a baptism certificate, the following information should be provided:

  • Name and lineages of the individual concerned
  • Name and lineages of the father and mother
  • Date of birth of the individual concerned
  • Date of baptism (at least the year)
  • Contact phone number

If the baptism certificate is requested for catechesis or communion within the Diocese of Majorca, a baptism slip can be issued.

To obtain a marriage certificate, the following information should be provided:

Para obtener el certificado de matrimonio es necesario aportar la siguiente información:

  • Name and lineages of the spouses
  • Date of marriage
  • Contact phone number

If the certificate is to be used outside the Diocese of Majorca it will need to be legalised by the ecclesiastical notary.

Long-form baptism and marriage certificates can also be requested, in other words a precise copy of the entry as it appears in the sacramental book.

Certificates can be collected at the Archive of the Cathedral of Majorca (on Plaça de la Seu) on any working day between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. If the applicant comes in person, only an ID card or equivalent document need be shown. If anyone else comes to collect the certificate they will need to show their ID document, a photocopy of the applicant's ID card and signed authorisation by the applicant.

Those living outside Majorca can ask to be sent the certificate by post. In this case they will need to make payment in advance by bank transfer.

Certificates are priced as follows:

Certificate of baptism or marriage 3€ *
Baptism slip 2€ *
Long-form certificate of baptism or marriage 6€ *
Processing of notarial registration 3€ *
Delivery by registered mail Dependent on Post Office rates *

* Sacramental certificates are exempt from VAT, Postal rates may include.

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