Celebration of Palm Sunday

The Cathedral of Mallorca marked the start of Holy Week with the traditional Palm Sunday celebration. More than one hundred people gathered in the patio of the Episcopal Palace with their palms and olive branches to have them blessed by the Bishop of Mallorca, Monsignor Sebastià Taltavull.

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The Palm Sunday celebration is marked by a series of important moments:

  1. This day commemorates Jesus’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem, when he was received by crowds waving palms.
  2. The procession was led by the Cathedral’s choir in their red and white robes inside the temple, accompanied by the canons, Monsignor Sebastià Taltavull and many worshippers.
  3. The celebration of the Eucharist included readings from the Passion of Christ narrating his triumphal entry, the Last Supper, the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Many worshippers awaited the arrival of the procession inside the Cathedral to mark the start of the Eucharist. 

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