Restoration of the Cathedral's tapestries

After a long and complex restoration process, the final phase has begun on restoring the Cathedral of Mallorca’s twelve tapestries.

The Cathedral’s collection of tapestries dates from the sixteenth century. They were displayed in various places in the temple, including the Royal Chapel, the Main Portal, the priests’ residence, the entrance to the Almoina house and the Corpus Christi chapel.

In November 2015 conservation work began in accordance with current restoration criteria, respecting the original. The restoration, cleaning and consolidation of the tapestries has been entrusted to Pepa Garrido’s workshop in Madrid.

The last documented conservation work took place at the end of the nineteenth century at the Royal Tapestry Factory. The current conservation work, as well as having aesthetic purposes, is vital in order to prevent further deterioration and to clean the fabric. The main issues that these sixteenth-century tapestries presented were deterioration in the wefts, tears and a large accumulation of dirt and damp in the fabric.

The restoration work is being carried out meticulously and rigorously and is expected to be completed by 2020.

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