Mallorca Cathedral and the University of the Balearic Islands join forces to create the Seu de Mallorca chair

On the 10th of September, Mallorca Cathedral and the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) signed an agreement to promote research, as well as to offer training and scientific and technical support.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Rector of the UIB, Dr. Llorenç Huguet, the Vice-Rector of Cultural Projection, Open University and University Sites, Dr. Joana Maria Seguí, the Bishop of Mallorca, The Right Reverend Sebastià Taltavull, the Dean-Chairman of the Chapter, Rev. Teodor Suau; the canon responsible for the Culture Department, Rev. Mateu Tous and the Cathedral's scientific-technical coordinator, Dr. Mercè Gambús

The Chair's goals include:

  • The scientific-technical coordination of Mallorca Cathedral's Culture Department and its different areas
  • The organisation of seminars, courses, congresses and conferences
  • The organisation of outreach events
  • Collaboration with publications
  • Scientific and academic collaboration in the programming of Local Seminars on the Cultural and Religious Heritage of Mallorca
  • Scientific and academic collaboration in the programming and management of a biennial international symposium devoted to the multidisciplinary nature of knowledge applied to the religious cultural field.

To direct and help implement the agreement, as well as to carry out the programme of joint activities, the parties agreed to establish the following structure:

The Chair's Steering Committee, made up of:

  • The Rector or his delegate, who will chair the committee.
  • A UIB representative appointed by the Governing Board.
  • The Dean of the Mallorca Cathedral Chapter or his/her delegate.
  • A representative from Mallorca Cathedral appointed by the Chapter.
  • The Director of the Chair, who will be a member of the committee with a voice but no vote, and who will also be its Secretary.

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This agreement includes a programme of activities which will be presented by the Chair's Director to the Steering Committee for approval. The programme of activities will promote research into Mallorca Cathedral from different fields of study (philosophy, philology, history, art history, mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering and architecture, pedagogy, geography, economics, tourism, law, biology, psychology, theology, liturgy of faith, etc.).

Other activities the Chair may carry out include:

  • Exchanging information and publications.
  • Joint research studies.
  • Admission of internships.
  • Expert assistance in each institution's sphere.
  • Other collaborative activities established by both parties, via specific projects
  • Collaboration with other similar Chairs at the UIB and at other national or foreign universities, with which collaboration agreements may be established.

At the end of each year's programme of activities, the Chair's Director will draw up a report on the activities carried out during the year and submit this to the Steering Committee.

To help implement this plan, the UIB will provide:

  • Teaching and research staff with recognised experience in this type of activity, as well as with the specialist qualifications to carry it out.
  • The appropriate scientific, technical, teaching and administrative infrastructure to carry out the activities.
  • The UIB may also set up a system to academically recognise the courses taught by the Chair, if appropriate, in accordance with current legislation.

The Chair will be based at Mallorca Cathedral, which will allow its facilities to be used in order to achieve the aims of this agreement.

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